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Binbarra Farm (#019)

The Wootton’s Farm on the Mornington Peninsula. Farm gate sales available – best to call first and check availability Call us for more information: Produce availability Binbarra Farm (#019) March 8th, 2017fiab

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Cape Schanck Produce Store (#014)

Call us for more information: Produce availability   Cape Schanck Produce Store (#014) February 8th, 2017fiab

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Hillock Downs Produce Store (#003)

We at Hillock Downs are committed to sustainable and tradtional farming. We are MSA licensed producers and Pasture certified ( hormone and antibotic free ) we pride ourselves on the best beef made by nature. Our on-farm produce store is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.00am- 4.30pm. Come and see our farmed beef cuts […]

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Luxton Park (#005)

John Pederson and his wife Catriona McLean run 110 rare Wiltshire Horn ewes and five rams on their Coolart property, and know the provenance of all their sheep. They’re pasture fed, lambs are self-weaning and they produce more flavoursome meat because they eat less protein and grow more slowly. Almost no artificial sprays or fertilisers […]

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Main Ridge Cattle (#011)

Main Ridge Cattle aims to produce the most tender and tasty beef available from the Mornington Peninsula. A typical animal at sale will be 600kg plus live weight and will have only been fed on mother’s milk and grass. Every effort is made to raise the animals in a stress free environment with minimal exposure […]

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Parnham Farm (#030)

Parnham Farm Family owned and managed farm. For more information don’t hesitate to call: Produce availability Parnham Farm (#030) June 26th, 2017fiab

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Sussex Farm (#023)

Sussex Farm, located on Gibb Road, Red Hill, operates as a prime beef vealer agricultural enterprise. Second generation beef farmer David Gibb, his wife Beryl, and their daughters Lucinda and Harriet run “Sussex Farm” today, on the river flats and rolling hills overlooking Port Phillip, and are proud to be part of the vibrant agricultural […]

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Torello Farm (#039)

Torello Farm – Dromana Torello Farm is an old market garden that has been given a new life and is now growing a diverse range of produce including specialty potatoes, heirloom vegetables and tree ripened fruit. Each season you will find new lines of vegetables, as well as tried and tested varieties. On our property […]

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Tuerong Farm (#046)

Tuerong Farm Tuerong farm is the only farm on the Peninsula to grow and mill heritage, ancient and modern cereal grains. We also produce pulses as part of ourcrop rotations, along with grass fed beef, vegetables, eggs and honey. At the moment we have available three different winter white wheats/flours. The wheat hasn’t been sitting […]

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