L’Herbier (#029)

L’Herbier – Founded in 1985

L’Herbier was established on the Mornington Peninsula in 1985 to supply fresh produce to the top Australian chefs, and developed a very close working relationship with over 50 of the country’s best chefs. The certified organic farm introduced the “salad mix” concept to Australia in 1987, as well as many gourmet vegetables and edible flowers.

We have 30 years’ experience in supplying the hospitality industry and an established reputation for the quality of our produce and service. Our scaled down operation is now focused on a partnership with local chefs, providing for their kitchen’s individual needs.

The farm was certified Biodynamic from 1986 through to 2014. It is now a chemical free farm.

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Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Restaurant deliveries

Business – (03) 5988 6206

Mobile – 0409 866 754

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Peninsula Fresh Organics (#002)

Once conventional farmers, Wayne and Tash Shields of Peninsula Fresh Organics make a very convincing case for going organic. Wayne is a fifth generation farmer and had experienced problems with unexplained toxins in imported horticultural chemicals which wiped out a complete crop and damaged others. They became certified organic in 2010 and have seen their land come back into balance with frogs, snakes and ducks returning to their Mornington Peninsula property. The Shields grow around 40 lines, including heirloom and heritage vegetables, contemporary hybrids and some vegetables which vanished off most supermarket shelves many years ago but which can be found in the Shield’s rustic farmgate shop.

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Farmgate: YES

Markets: Mornington Farmers Market


6 Henderson Rd, Baxter VIC 3911

Mobile – 0430 097 972

Email sales@peninsulafresh.com


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