Mornington Peninsula Produce

Grown, Bred or Raised on the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is rich in scale and diversity of food systems emphasised by quality and seasonality.

There are dozens of different types of fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts and foraged goods grown less than an hour from Melbourne. The unique maritime climate of the Mornington Peninsula is fertile ground for everything from avocados to artichokes, broccoli to beetroot, herbs to heirloom vegetables, goats dairy, lamb, beef, mussels, chickens, wine, truffles, olives, garlic and the list goes on.

If it’s grown, bred or raised entirely on the Peninsula, it is now  easier to identify with the Mornington Peninsula Produce (MPP) brand. It is a brand with a strong story for consumers who want to know about the origin of their food: where it’s grown, who grows it, when it is in season and how far it has travelled.

Mornington Peninsula Producers say they are being asked these questions more and more frequently at their farm gates and local markets. The MPP Certified Trade Mark is a guarantee of provenance, giving consumers confidence in supporting their local farmers.

The MPP brand encourages consumers to connect with growers, either buying direct at farmgates or through local markets and retailers on the Mornington Peninsula and further afield, as brand awareness activities are undertaken on behalf of MPP registered users.