Georgie Bass Café & Cookery (#037)


Georgie Bass – Flinders

Georgie Bass Cafe and Cookery is all about putting fresh, local and seasonal produce on your plate. Starting at our very own vegetable patch – Mornington Park

We’ve also handpicked the best regional farmers, dairies, orchards and vineyards to help us serve simple, delicious food that not only looks great but tastes fabulous!


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Farmgate: No


Stockists: Georgie Bass Café

30 Cook Street, Flinders

Ph – (03) 5989 0031



Flinders Black Garlic (#052)

Flinders Black Garlic is a small, family owned and operated farm in Flinders on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Set on 84 acres and accompanied by two kids and 17 alpacas, we produce around 2 tonnes of fresh garlic each year which we then turn into our signature Black Garlic.

Our bulbs are processed using a slow ageing, fermentation process to produce sticky, black cloves with an intense and complex flavour.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

What is black garlic? 

Black garlic isn’t a variety of garlic, but rather fresh garlic that has been aged and ‘fermented’ until the individual cloves turn black and become sweet. It’s the end product that occurs when fresh garlic bulbs are exposed to constant high heat and humidity for an extended period of time. This process, known as the Maillard Reaction, creates an interaction between the amino acids and sugars in the garlic, producing blackened cloves with a distinctly different flavour and texture and an enhanced health food profile.

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Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Flinders General Store, Merricks General Wine Store, Red Hill Cellar and Pantry

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Available all year.