Mornington Peninsula Hydroponics (#004)

Frank and Luana Donato own Mornington Peninsula Hydroponics, a business which is undergoing radical change. By using new technology, Frank will be able to shrink the 3300 square metre hydroponic farm to just 330 square metres – and grow the same number of plants at a lower cost.

Utilising a factory rather than greenhouses and LED lights instead of sunlight, Frank can precisely control the amount of light, keep the temperature to a constant 21 degrees and inject CO2 to encourage growth. His seven tiers of plants will produce 10 times as much stock as a conventional greenhouse of the same size. His herbs, salad greens and other vegetables are sweet, tender and utterly delicious.

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80-90 Craigie Road, Mount Martha, Victoria 3934

Bus – (03) 5975 0587

M: 0409 704 024 (Frank)

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