M Edwards & Sons (#035)

M Edwards & Sons Pty Ltd

Donald, Jean and Brendon Edwards are premier growers & packers of quality certified organic apples. The farm is bordered by virgin eucalyptus trees and is nestled on Melbourne’s doorstep at Red Hill South. They have been growing apples for 5 generations since the first tree was planted by Don’s great grandfather in the late 1880’s. The orchard has grown with the local community until the early 1980’s when alternative farming methods were looked at due to concerns of the potential negative effects of toxic sprays on families in the area. It was not an easy path and there were many failures for every success.

In the mid 1980’s our organic principles had been put into practice and the orchard was certified organic by NASSA in 1987.

The full flavour, high colour of these apples is brought about by a combination of healthy soil and fresh clean water.

The selection of old apple varieties such as Gravenstein, Jonathan, Golden Delicious,Granny Smith along with newer varieties of Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji, Sundowner and the latest variety Jazz.

Other crops grown on the certified organic orchard include Pears, Cherries, Lemons, Limes.

The organic cherries these are available from December to January dependent on the weather.

We also have certified organic juice that is crushed from our own fruit.

The apple juice is a big favorite and we now have the apple and pear as well.

You can obtain our produce directly from Peninsula Fresh in Baxter or if in Melbourne the Queen Victoria Market at Market Organics.

Cherries can be obtained directly from the farm during Cherry Season.

For more information don’t hesitate to call:


Farmgate: No

Markets: Farmers markets

Stockists: Peninsula Fresh Organics farmgate, Market Organics at Queen Victoria Market & Wholesale Market

Ph: 03 5989 2388

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Sussex Farm (#023)

Sussex Farm, located on Gibb Road, Red Hill, operates as a prime beef vealer agricultural enterprise.

Second generation beef farmer David Gibb, his wife Beryl, and their daughters Lucinda and Harriet run “Sussex Farm” today, on the river flats and rolling hills overlooking Port Phillip, and are proud to be part of the vibrant agricultural sector on the Mornington Peninsula.

Angus/ Friesian cows are crossed with Belgian Blue bulls to produce calves that are ¾ beef. The mothers, being half dairy, are able to keep up a vast supply of milk to their calves. Hay and silage are conserved on farm in the spring each year and fed back to the animals the following winter. No hormones or other growth promotants are administered to the animals. All livestock graze on only the natural improved pastures of Perennial Rye Grass, Clovers and Sub-clovers at “Sussex Farm”.

Sussex Farm animals are sold directly (“over the hooks”) to Greg Harrison of Cardinia Meats. After each calf has been weighed, Greg inspects them in the yards at “Sussex Farm” and selects ones that are prime and ready to go.

Bypassing the saleyards to avoid bruising and double handling, they are delivered directly to Radford’s Abattoir, Warragul.

The day after the kill, David and Greg inspect the carcasses in the chiller at Radford’s, and review the feedback sheets which detail the weight (HSCW), muscle cover, fat cover (P8), and dentition, for each vealer.

Greg markets the sides of beef to premium butchers in Metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney, and occasionally back to Peninsula butchers.

No calves are retained for breeding stock. Instead, to top up breeding numbers, joined maiden heifers (“Springers”) are purchased, usually from the Koonwarra saleyards in Gippsland, and calved down at “Sussex Farm”.


Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Cardinia Meats
– Contact Greg Harrison on 0418 515 482 or harrox1@hotmail.com

Business – (03) 5987 2396 or 0417 564 599

Email gibbddv@gmail.com

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Red Hill Truffles (#022)

Red Hill Truffles was established in 2005. We produce and market the highest quality truffles for the Australian market. The property is situated in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, named “Glen Bower”. It was first settled in 1864 by Jenny McAuley’s great great grandparents Robert & Eliza Sheehan. Jenny inherited the property in 2003. Jenny and husband Mike decided to experiment with growing the Perigold black truffle (melanosporum) because a lot of different varieties of fungus grew naturally on the property. The first planting of 300 trees was in March 2005 as an experiment.

Red Hill is 800 ft above sea level and has a microclimate that means that the temperatures are 4 -5 degrees cooler than on the coast and the area has a higher rainfall. In order for truffles to ripen they need the soil to get very cold. Therefore the best environment for truffles is a geographical area where there are a number of frosts each winter. Red Hill usually only has 2/3 frosts each winter. The average rainfall is conducive to truffle growing.

The trees planted were a mix of oaks and hazelnut trees. The original group of trees were sourced from Tasmania. The first truffle was found under a hazelnut in July 2010. It was relatively large approx 180 grams. There were further plantings of oaks in March 2010 and 2013. In 2015 a fourth section will be planted with 750 hazelnut trees for winter and summer truffles.

“Red Hill Truffles” is the only farm currently producing truffles on the Mornington Peninsula.

Call us or visit our website for more information:

Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Local stores

M:  0417 190 193 (Jenny)


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Red Hill Cherry Farm (#013)

The Oldest Pick Your Own Cherry Farm in Victoria. The cool Red Hill climate and the rich volcanic soils add to the unique flavour of the cherries.  We grow green manure crops between the trees to help sweeten the ground. We also use organic and biodynamic preparations, essences and sustainable agricultural methods only. (We do not use artificial fertilizers.)

We select cherry varieties that suit our growing area and that have unique intense flavour. The reason that people want to pick their own cherries is the flavour and freshness of the fruit.  We sell our entire crop of cherries from the farm.  The varieties we grow today are:- Lewis, Merchant, Vista, Bing, Van, Stella, Lapins, Simone,  Sir Don, Williams, Sweet Heart, Sweet Georgia and many others.  We also grow Sour Morellos which are a cooking cherry.

If you are planning a trip in advance it is always a good idea to check our website before you travel!

Farmgate: YES



69 Prossors Lane, Red Hill, Victoria 3937

  (03) 5989 2237

M: 0407 819 751 (Trevor)


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