Main Ridge Cattle (#011)

Main Ridge Cattle aims to produce the most tender and tasty beef available from the Mornington Peninsula.
A typical animal at sale will be 600kg plus live weight and will have only been fed on mother’s milk and grass. Every effort is made to raise the animals in a stress free environment with minimal exposure to chemicals.

Main Ridge Cattle is strongly committed to two principles of animal management, namely;

  • The direct correlation between a stress free environment and the tenderness of meat
  • Mother’s milk and grass fed animals produce the tastiest meat possible

Accordingly, at Main Ridge Cattle, every effort is made to raise animals in a stress free environment, with minimal exposure to chemicals and to only feed them on mother’s milk and grass.

These animals provide an excellent opportunity to local butchers to be able to provide high quality, locally bred and grown beef cattle.


Call us for more information:

Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Mornington Prime Cuts

Bus – 03 5989 6189

M: 0407 812 973 (Kevin)

Produce availability

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