On the 3rd of March 2016, the Food Industry Advisory Body in conjunction with the Mornington Peninsula Shire launched an Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) registered trademark for Mornington Peninsula Produce (MPP), grown/raised within the boundaries of the Peninsula.

The MPP logo is a registered Certification Trade Mark approved by the ACCC.  Registered Users of the logo guarantee the provenance of their produce from the Mornington Peninsula.

We are always looking to recruit more members. As a collective, our MPP members are finding it easier to access both state and federal grants in the way of potential training initiatives and financial assistance and we highlight more of the benefits of being a member in the text below and in the accompanying brochure to download.


membership mornington peninsula produce

The MPP trademark:

  • Provides a structure designed to highlight and lift awareness of locally produced foods.
  • Allows consumers to readily identify locally grown produce through the use of a distinctive logo.
  • Allows for one brand (MPP) to be developed and promoted that will cover all registered producers.
  • Provides producers with a readily recognised brand underpinned by a set of rules governing its use.
  • Website provides a searchable directory of all MPP registered producers and their produce.
  • Website provides the food service industry with a guide to seasonally available produce to enhance menu development.
  • Website provides a snapshot of existing food production allowing for new opportunities to be identified by existing and future new producers.
  • Website allows producers to find each other, share Information and facilitate ‘business to business’ leveraging.

For detailed information and an application form click on the image below to open a downloadable PDF.







Further information available for download: (click on links)