Peninsula Fresh Organics

Once conventional farmers, Wayne and Tash Shields of Peninsula Fresh Organics make a very convincing case for going organic. Wayne is a fifth generation farmer and had experienced problems with unexplained toxins in imported horticultural chemicals which wiped out a complete crop and damaged others. They became certified organic in 2010 and have seen their land come back into balance with frogs, snakes and ducks returning to their Mornington Peninsula property. The Shields grow around 40 lines, including heirloom and heritage vegetables, contemporary hybrids and some vegetables which vanished off most supermarket shelves many years ago but which can be found in the Shield’s rustic farmgate shop.

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Farmgate: YES

Markets: Mornington Farmers Market


6 Henderson Rd, Baxter VIC 3911

Mobile – 0430 097 972


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Peninsula Avocados

People said it couldn’t be done so far south, but Steve Marshall of Cool Climate Avocados has confounded the naysayers. Grown in a region known for its outstanding cool climate wines, avocados benefit from that long, slow ripening period in exactly the same way as grapes do. While avocados from Queensland grow quickly and can be picked after just six months, Mornington Peninsula avocados take a year to slowly ripen, developing a very rich nutty flavour and seductively smooth texture. Steve manages five avocado farms, picking, packing and distributing the fruit, and aims to produce one million fruit annually in the next three to four years for a Melbourne market hungry for top quality avocados.

325 Tucks Road Shoreham 3916

Bus – 0419 323 502

AH – 5989 6100

Fax 61 3 5989 6582


Hawkes Farm

Richard Hawkes is a huge supporter of agri-tourism, which he first experienced in Canada while completing his agricultural science degree. Hawkes Farm grows a range of vegetables, especially potatoes, and the family opened a farmgate store to sell direct to local people. Richard invited other Boneo growers to supply a wider range of fruit and vegetables, and his market now includes Melbournians who’ll take a trip to the Peninsula to buy freshly picked produce at very low prices. The farm store has also proven to be an excellent testing ground for new products, which the Hawkes family can trial with customers before scaling up for the market.

661 Boneo Road, Boneo

Business – (03) 5988 6785