Red Hill Cherry Farm (#013)

The Oldest Pick Your Own Cherry Farm in Victoria. The cool Red Hill climate and the rich volcanic soils add to the unique flavour of the cherries.  We grow green manure crops between the trees to help sweeten the ground. We also use organic and biodynamic preparations, essences and sustainable agricultural methods only. (We do not use artificial fertilizers.)

We select cherry varieties that suit our growing area and that have unique intense flavour. The reason that people want to pick their own cherries is the flavour and freshness of the fruit.  We sell our entire crop of cherries from the farm.  The varieties we grow today are:- Lewis, Merchant, Vista, Bing, Van, Stella, Lapins, Simone,  Sir Don, Williams, Sweet Heart, Sweet Georgia and many others.  We also grow Sour Morellos which are a cooking cherry.

If you are planning a trip in advance it is always a good idea to check our website before you travel!

Farmgate: YES



69 Prossors Lane, Red Hill, Victoria 3937

  (03) 5989 2237

M: 0407 819 751 (Trevor)

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