Shoreham Valley Produce (#006)

Shoreham Valley Farm, established in 2013, aims to provide a range of high quality produce for farm-gate sales.  With Pink Lady apples, avocados of the less available varieties, Wurtz, Shepard and Pinkerton, pomegranates, tamarillos, blood oranges and ruby grapefruit yet to fruit, sales of garlic, rhubarb and raspberries have started.  Fresh herbs, spring onions and vegetables, including heirloom tomatoes have also been offered.  The range will vary seasonally, and full production from the orchard and blueberry planation will start in around two to three years.

A chalkboard sign at the gate at 6 Shoreham Road will indicate availability.
The enterprise uses the land’s extraordinary soils, the passion of its owners and organic and biodynamic practices, and is working toward appropriate certification and industry memberships.

Call us for more information:

Farmgate: YES



6 Shoreham-Red Hill Road, Shoreham, Victoria.

M: – 0403 011 947

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Peninsula Avocados (#007)

People said it couldn’t be done so far south, but Steve Marshall of Peninsula Avocados has confounded the naysayers. Grown in a region known for its outstanding cool climate wines, avocados benefit from that long, slow ripening period in exactly the same way as grapes do. While avocados from Queensland grow quickly and can be picked after just six months, Mornington Peninsula avocados take a year to slowly ripen, developing a very rich nutty flavour and seductively smooth texture. Steve manages five avocado farms, picking, packing and distributing the fruit, and aims to produce one million fruit annually in the next three to four years for a Melbourne market hungry for top quality avocados.

Call us or visit our website for more information:

Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Local retail outlets

Bus – (03) 5989 6100

M – 0419 323 502

Fax – (03) 8678 1100


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