Woolumbi Farm (#049)

Woolumbi Farm

Woolumbi Farm breeds free range, ethically farmed Wessex Saddleback Pork, Black Faced Suffolk Lamb & Belted Galloway Beef. Our farm gate store and on farm butcher shop in Tyabb sells fresh cuts, preservative free sausages, small goods such as Ham, Bacon, Kabana & Frankfurters as well as a range of charcuterie such as pate, rillettes & terrines. We also have farm made Heat & Serve meals along with our range of jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces, all free of artificial preservatives along with our apple & pear cider. All hand made right here on the farm.’

For more information don’t hesitate to call or email

Farmgate: Yes


Stockists: Online sales via website

233 Coolart Rd, Tyabb VIC 3913

Mobile – 0417 523 173

Email –  sonya@woolumbi.com

Web –  www.woolumbi.com

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Tuerong Farm (#046)

Tuerong Farm

Tuerong farm is the only farm on the Peninsula to grow and mill heritage, ancient and modern cereal grains. We also produce pulses as part of ourcrop rotations, along with grass fed beef, eggs and honey.

  • At the moment we have available three different winter white wheats/flours and Red wheat/flour. The wheat hasn’t been sitting in a shed for years, it hasn’t been roller milled, it hasn’t sat on a shelf for years – it is stoneground and it tastes fresh and is packed with flavour and nutrients.
  • We just harvested a malting barley yesterday for the beer makers out there. Rather than malt I will steam and roll so brewers can readily use and extract the flavour.
  • All crops are grown without the use of systemic sprays and cover crops like fava beans and buckwheat add further diversity to our ecosystem and our offerings.
  • For orders of flour, grains, and other products please call mobile 0419 307 934.

For more information don’t hesitate to call or email

Farmgate:  Coming soon

Markets: Emu Plains, The Borough Market 

Stockists: Torello Farm, Q Le Baker, Tivoli Road Bakery, Bentons Rise Farm, Jackalope

76 Tuerong Road, Tuerong

Mobile – 0419 307 934

Email jvcotter@gmail.com

Web www.tuerongfarm.com.au

Instagram @tuerongfarm

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Torello Farm (#039)

Torello Farm – Dromana

Torello Farm is an old market garden that has been given a new life and is now growing a diverse range of produce including specialty potatoes, heirloom vegetables and tree ripened fruit. Each season you will find new lines of vegetables, as well as tried and tested varieties.

On our property in Tuerong we also grow Belted Galloway cattle and Dorset Down sheep. We have specially chosen these heritage breeds because they are slow growing and produce wonderful flavoured meat.

All the fruit and vegetables we grow, as well as our grass fed, dry aged Belted Galloway beef, is available for sale at our farm gate shop. We also source produce from other local farms. Our shop is open 7 days,  8am – 6pm (closed public holidays).

Please visit our website (torellofarm.com.au ) or Instagram and Facebook pages (@torellofarm) for more information about our seasonal offerings.


For more information don’t hesitate to call or email

Farmgate: YES



410 White Hill Road, Dromana

03 5981 0335

Email info@torellofarm.com.au

Web www.torellofarm.com.au

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Parnham Farm (#030)

Parnham Farm

Family owned and managed farm.

For more information don’t hesitate to call:

Farmgate: No

Markets: No

Stockists: Balnarring Village Meats

Mobile – 0409 902 343

Email maria@parnhamfarm.com


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Sussex Farm (#023)

Sussex Farm, located on Gibb Road, Red Hill, operates as a prime beef vealer agricultural enterprise.

Second generation beef farmer David Gibb, his wife Beryl, and their daughters Lucinda and Harriet run “Sussex Farm” today, on the river flats and rolling hills overlooking Port Phillip, and are proud to be part of the vibrant agricultural sector on the Mornington Peninsula.

Angus/ Friesian cows are crossed with Belgian Blue bulls to produce calves that are ¾ beef. The mothers, being half dairy, are able to keep up a vast supply of milk to their calves. Hay and silage are conserved on farm in the spring each year and fed back to the animals the following winter. No hormones or other growth promotants are administered to the animals. All livestock graze on only the natural improved pastures of Perennial Rye Grass, Clovers and Sub-clovers at “Sussex Farm”.

Sussex Farm animals are sold directly (“over the hooks”) to Greg Harrison of Cardinia Meats. After each calf has been weighed, Greg inspects them in the yards at “Sussex Farm” and selects ones that are prime and ready to go.

Bypassing the saleyards to avoid bruising and double handling, they are delivered directly to Radford’s Abattoir, Warragul.

The day after the kill, David and Greg inspect the carcasses in the chiller at Radford’s, and review the feedback sheets which detail the weight (HSCW), muscle cover, fat cover (P8), and dentition, for each vealer.

Greg markets the sides of beef to premium butchers in Metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney, and occasionally back to Peninsula butchers.

No calves are retained for breeding stock. Instead, to top up breeding numbers, joined maiden heifers (“Springers”) are purchased, usually from the Koonwarra saleyards in Gippsland, and calved down at “Sussex Farm”.


Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Cardinia Meats
– Contact Greg Harrison on 0418 515 482 or harrox1@hotmail.com

Business – (03) 5987 2396 or 0417 564 599

Email gibbddv@gmail.com

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Binbarra Farm (#019)

The Wootton’s Farm on the Mornington Peninsula.

Farm gate sales available – best to call first and check availability

Call us for more information:

Farmgate: YES



10 Uplands Drive, Main Ridge VIC 3928

M: – 0431 170 880  (Nick)


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Luxton Park (#005)

John Pederson and his wife Catriona McLean run 110 rare Wiltshire Horn ewes and five rams on their Coolart property, and know the provenance of all their sheep. They’re pasture fed, lambs are self-weaning and they produce more flavoursome meat because they eat less protein and grow more slowly. Almost no artificial sprays or fertilisers are used on the land. John’s philosophy is to produce high quality lamb with minimal food miles, so he sends his animals to an abattoir in the northern Mornington Peninsula, then to the nearby Balnarring Butchers where the locals buy as much Coolart Lamb as he can supply.

Call us or visit our website for more information:

Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Balnarring butcher

Bus – (03) 5975 0587

M: 0439 031 729 (John)


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Main Ridge Cattle (#011)

Main Ridge Cattle aims to produce the most tender and tasty beef available from the Mornington Peninsula.
A typical animal at sale will be 600kg plus live weight and will have only been fed on mother’s milk and grass. Every effort is made to raise the animals in a stress free environment with minimal exposure to chemicals.

Main Ridge Cattle is strongly committed to two principles of animal management, namely;

  • The direct correlation between a stress free environment and the tenderness of meat
  • Mother’s milk and grass fed animals produce the tastiest meat possible

Accordingly, at Main Ridge Cattle, every effort is made to raise animals in a stress free environment, with minimal exposure to chemicals and to only feed them on mother’s milk and grass.

These animals provide an excellent opportunity to local butchers to be able to provide high quality, locally bred and grown beef cattle.


Call us for more information:

Farmgate: NO


Stockists: Mornington Prime Cuts

Bus – 03 5989 6189

M: 0407 812 973 (Kevin)

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