Mushroom Forestry (#050)

Mushroom Forestry

Cultivating delicious, organic gourmet mushrooms on the Mornington Peninsula since 2016.

Mushroom Forestry was launched to grow the highest quality, organic fresh mushrooms for discerning restaurants and customers. Our range includes Oyster, Shiitake, Lions Mane and more. We are a little different to most gourmet mushroom farms as we truly grow seasonally! Our farm has been built within a cool-store with thick, insulated walls. The internal temperature naturally fluctuates throughout the year, ranging from lows of 12 degrees in Winter to 25 degrees in Summer. As the temperature changes through the seasons we bring in and phase out mushroom varieties according to their ideal growing temperatures.

We now supply high end restaurants, local farm gates and retailers across the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and Sydney.

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Stockists: Benton Rise Farm, Torello Farm, Hawkes Farm, Cellar and Pantry, Heritage Farm, Peninsula Fresh Organics

Tyabb Victoria

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Benton Rise Farm (#021)

This little patch of paradise in Tuerong, has been meticulously created by the previous owners from the overgrown paddocks into the glorious farm we have today. This is a family lifestyle choice we have made, where we know we can bring up our children in a fantastic community, place food on the table that we know the origins of – and enjoy the lifestyle the area provides.

Stock up on what’s ready and in season now!  Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies. And because we only sell what’s in season, we can be sure it will taste great. Quality produce is paramount for us at Benton Rise Farm, we aim to provide you the most cost effective produce on the Mornington Peninsula. Sure, we can’t always be the cheapest (though often we are!) this is purely a situation of ‘scale of economy’, but what we do promise to provide is fresh, high quality goods from our farm. Support your local peninsula producers!

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150 Coolart Road, Tuerong VIC 3915

M: – 0418 571 221 (Tony)

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